Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Everything Looks Bigger

It's that time of year when the schools do their annual eye exams. Well, this little guy didn't pass. We had been suspecting that he might need glasses for a couple months. He was such a trooper with the optometrist. Nathan was a little short in the chair so Jon sat in the exam chair with Nathan on his lap. When it came time to try on glasses, Nathan was hilarious!  He totally went into model mode and tried on every pair that wasn't pink or purple. He loved checking out how he looked in the mirrors. We went to pick up the glasses and I asked how they were and his response was... 'Everything looks Bigger!'

Nathan's glasses arrived while Grandma was visiting.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jon's Hand Surgery... Take Two

 Jon had surgery on his right hand again. Back in May they removed a cyst. This time he had a carpal boss on his hand and what we thought was 1 cyst in his wrist. Turned out the doctor removed the carpal boss and  5 cyst. We are being sent to a rheumatologist to see what we can do to prevent/slow down cysts from continuing to develop.
 After we finally got home and Jon had woken up. Nathan took and book in and asked if  he could read to Daddy.
 Jon Napping ( I had to document this because it doesn't happen often)
 8 days later Jon got this cast off...
 And they checked his incision...
And he got a new brace. 

1 week later he had his stitches removed. (but I forgot to take a picture). They checked his mobility and said its only about between 5 and 10 % which means therapy. Jon will be going back into his surgeon in another 2 weeks to check his progress... fingers crossed.

Birthday Bash!

I know I'm late on posting again, but better late than never right. It is so hard to believe that Landon turned 10. It's also hard to believe that I'm old enough to have a 10 year old!  Since Landon's actual birthday was on a Monday we did a joint birthday party with our close friends. Since there was such an age gap Alicia and I decided to do a pasta bar for dinner at a park and we would each make a cake for our birthday  boy.  Denzel had a Thomas the Train cake and Landon had a Harry Potter.
My Birthday Boy
 Grandma Blake made each of the boys an embroidered towel. (Since Kyler and Nathan 's birthdays had already past she made them one also)

New video game

 We got him a big 18 speed mountain bike

 Model Car from the Humphries
 Jenga Boom from the Garbetts
 Nerf Gun from Beau and Alicia's Family
 And a Sky Rover from Nathan
I really struggled figuring out how to do his cake. (Thank goodness for pinterest) I know NOTHING about Harry Potter!! In case you can't tell the cake has a book of spells, magic wand, hat, 2 brooms, Harry's glasses and a fly snitch.

Since this is a birthday post I might as well add in that Dex turned 3 on Oct 1st. 

 Birthday Cupcakes.... Yellow cake with, homemade Peanut butter frosting, and a milkbone instead of a candle.

While at the pet store getting him a new toy we found this edible card and had to get it. The first one I saw said "happy birthday to a spoiled rotten dog', but Nathan got very upset about it saying "Dex isn't rotten.... he's a good dog." So we went with this one instead.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School

I know, I'm behind again. We've been back in school for 3 weeks now and I'm finally getting around to posting. So I figured now would be an ideal time to spotlight each of my boys. Here's a quick shot of my 3 boys on the first day of school. ( aren't they getting so big)

 Age : Almost 10 (9yrs 10 months 23 days)
Grade: Fourth
 Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Chicken Cordon Bleu
Favorite Movie: Star Wars and Harry Potter
When I grow up I want to be: Pilot
Extra Info about Landon:
Earned his Bear rank in Cub scouts. 
Traveled cross county (and into Canada) with his Grandparents and 2 cousins.
Learning to play the Flutophone at school (like a recorder)
A member of the Sandstone Singers

Age: 8 years
Grade: Third
Favorite Color: Red (Ute Red) 
Favorite Food: Smoked Chicken Wings
Favorite Movie: The Lego Movie
When I grow up I want to be: Master Builder at Legoland CA
Favorite Pass time: Legos, Legos, and, more Legos
Extra Info about Ky Guy:
Earned his Bobcat rank in Cub Scouts
Just got Baptized
He loves the outdoors, Hiking , climbing, playing in waterfalls etc. 
Just graduated speech therapy

Age: 5 
Grade: Kindergarten
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Carrots, Strawberries, and Pizza (that is the actual order he said them too)
Favorite Movie: The Nut Job
When I grow up I want to be: He said, Maybe a Garbage Man
Favorite Pass time: building Legos (following in his brothers foot steps)
Extra Info about Nathan:
Loves going to school and doing homework (I wish my other 2 still liked homework).
Is starting to read

 He is very proud of his Skylanders backpack
 Nathan told us one day that he wanted to have a pajama dance party with a disco ball. He kept asking if we were going to get a disco ball. So while Jon was out he found this disco ball music player for $5 so he had to get it for Nathan. He LOVES It!!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

It's Great to be 8

Last Saturday Kyler got baptized! It's crazy how fast time has past. It was a wonderful day and having our family and friends involved made it that much better. Ky was baptized with his friend Weston. Weston was a little nervous and asked if Kyler would be baptized first and his response was "Sure thing, I'm ready".

 Here's the best family picture of the day
 Proud Parents

 Kyler with his cousin Grant... these two crazy kids are the best of friends/cousins. Grant gave Kyler a special tie tack of  Angel Moroni. In a few short months we will get to go to Grant's baptism too.
Jon's Mom put her sewing/ stitching skills to work. It has his name, baptism date, CTR, a scripture verse and a couple other special things. It truly is a keepsake. 

After the baptism we came back to our house for a luncheon with family and friends. August 2nd happened to also be the birthday of my cute little niece Violet. For dinner he headed over to Grandma Sue's house and had a very PINK party. Isn't she the cutest 1 year old!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kyler turned 8

It is really hard to believe that my little Ky Guy is already 8. Where has the time gone? Here are a couple of highlights of his special day. We actually did his birthday a couple of days early so that my Mom could be there. It was just our little family and 3 of the 4 grandparents ( my dad was in SC working).
 2 new DS games from Landon

A Chima Lego set from mom and Dad
Lego Movie and candy from Nathan

 A pocket knife and scout hat from Gma and Gpa Humphries
And of course his Cub Scout uniform from Gma and Gpa Garbett

So we have an on going joke in our family that if you ever ask what we are buying for anyone for birthdays, Christmas, etc we always say a tutu. We decided to make a tutu out of the tissue paper from the present. Kyler refused to model it for us, so Nathan volunteered .

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Oh What do We do in the Summer Time

Well, the month of June has come and gone and honestly I don't know where it went... sure I do, it was spent trying to cram in all the fun stuff we do all summer long. I will attempt to hit the highlights of  the past little while.

Bryce Canyon
On a Saturday morning, we packed up a picnic lunch and headed out to hike around Bryce. The boys were troopers. We hiked to Inspiration Point, then hiked the Rim Trail around to Bryce Point. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful site.

Camping at Panguitch Lake

 Ky and Gpa cooking breakfast

 Landon working on archery with Uncle Justin

 Jon and his dad playing cards with the teenagers (niece and nephews)
 Our camp. We had an awesome site. As you can see we had a few tents set up. 1 for Justin and his little girl, 1 for the teenagers, 1 for gear, 1 for our boys.....
 1 truck tent for Grandma and Grandpa, and 1 truck tent for Jon and I.
 I love this messy kid

 We headed to the lake to do some fishing. Here's Gma, Gpa, and Dex just relaxing (Dex is laying right by the rear tire)
 They gave up on fishing and resorted to just throwing rocks. Kyler ,however, claims he caught this fish. The really story is the fish was probably caught by someone else but was small so they threw it back. It must have died sometime there after. Any how, Kyler casted his line and some how brought in this fish.
And last but certainly not least... here is the picture of Jon's mom drilling his thumb. Jon smashed his thumb the night before and the pressure had built so much that we had to do something. After soaking his thumb in epson salt and water for a while, and soaking the smallest drill bit we had in alcohol. His Mom ever so carefully drilled threw the nail to relieve the pressure. It worked and now he is on the mends.

Library Reading program
The boys have been participating in a summer reading program put on by the public library. They track all of the reading minutes and get prizes each week for completing them. Also every Monday the library puts on some kind of activity. We've seen a Mad Scientist that did experiments, desert animals, learned about the human body, build projects with Home Depot, and the boys favorite... 
Mike the Magician
 Mike mad Curious George appear out of a drawing.

 And here is Grandma helping Mike the Magician with a levitating table trick.

4th of July
We had a lot of fun celebrating the 4th . We started our day with a neighborhood bike parade. We finished the parade at a big park and passed out Popsicle to all the kids. Then we headed to our friends house and had a bbq and went swimming at their pool. 

 The boys all decorated their bike and scooters.

On the parade route. 
That evening we went to the concert and fireworks at the Sun Bowl with our friends.
 Here are all of the munchkins... not a great picture but they are all together